Agility Leadership

Agility Leadership

Perfect for learning from other managers!

How It Works

Packs are a great opportunity for VGP members to come together and engage in weekly discussions about various leadership topics. These small groups meet for six weeks, with each session lasting 90 minutes. A Pack Leader expertly guides the discussions and encourages open communication among the group. In addition to these meetings, Packs also have access to a vibrant online community where they can continue the conversation, share valuable resources, and recieve homework assignments. This is a great chance for VGP members to work together and grow as leaders.

Available 6-week Courses

Agility Leadership

In just 6 weeks, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to improve your leadership abilities and inspire your team to work more collaboratively to achieve goals. This is course is great for new managers or leaders in the veterinary practice. It is also a great opportunity for seasoned managers to network, mentor and brush-up on skills.


  • Course 1: Communication: Leading your team means you will need to communicate effectively to maintain efficiency and a thriving culture. Learning to do this significantly reduces interpersonal conflict and can be the first step to empowering a team to work together.
  • Course 2:Delegation: Identifying opportunities to elevate your team members by giving them ownership of new tasks or responsibilities. This skill will help you and your colleagues work better together and feel more connected.
  • Course 3:Balance: Being a leader often creates a conflict in balancing work and life. Learning where and how to set boundaries and manage your time wisely is crucial to reducing burnout and stress.

Registration Fee

Agility Leadership is currently only available to Veterinary Growth Partners Members and is offered at a discounted rate. The 6-week Group Mentorship & Learning program is $250.00 per person and includes unlimited access to the Learning and Pack Community.