Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Everything you need to grow your clients, your practice, and your financial future.

Get discounts on equipment, medical supplies, reference lab and pharmaceuticals, as well as access to educational opportunities, practice management tools and coaches to help your business thrive. Whether you choose to become a VGP member or a VGP Elite member, a collection of valuable benefits will always be right at your fingertips.


Enjoy exclusive savings as part of our 5,000+ independent hospital member network.

  • Veterinary Growth Partners negotiates long-term agreements with best-in-class companies to offer simple, straightforward and substantial savings to our members.
  • In fact, our member research shows an average of $26,500 in savings for every $1 million in annual sales—that’s an average of 10% savings in total cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • By aligning with the majority of our partners, our average member is able to add approximately $150,000 of enterprise value to their business.

Save on pharmaceuticals, reference lab, equipment and medical supplies from our partners.



Learn about every aspect of the business side of running a successful practice.

  • Being in veterinary medicine makes continuing education a must. And while there’s no shortage of medical courses out there, finding education and training on every other aspect of running a successful practice can be a challenge. But not for our members.
  • Veterinary Growth Partners offers robust and wide-ranging training and education programs for veterinarians and paraprofessionals.
  • We provide frequent member-only workshops on practice assessment and improvement, along with substantive, peer-reviewed online courses that have been tested and proven across numerous practices.

Access webinars, seminars, e-courses and best practices for your entire team.

Explore opportunities


Feel confident your practice is reaching potential clients with relevant messages.

  • Make marketing your business a breeze with VGP’s unique, proven, data-based tools—all designed to help you get more clients and their loved ones in the door.
  • Members can leverage three different marketing tools that provide help with everything from monitoring and managing your website and social media presence to building digital advertising campaigns.
  • You can even access high-quality customizable promotional videos for your practice that can be used in your lobby or online.
  • VGP’s robust marketing analysis is offered through our partnership with Social Ordeals and can help you identify areas of opportunity to strength your brand and develop attainable marketing goals.


There’s no telling what today will bring, but at least managing the business will go smoothly.

  • Your well-earned expertise has prepared you to care for patients, but that doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully manage and grow a small business.
  • At the heart of VGP’s management services is a practice health assessment, which systematically evaluates your business practices and establishes a clear path for reaching key business metrics for you to meet.
  • VGP also provides access to practice coaches and partner offerings to help the business side of your practice run more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Develop your strategic plan, set financial goals, improve your operations, increase revenue and more.

See management tools

Get management resources


Stay up on the latest insights, innovations and best practices in veterinary medicine.

  • Veterinary Growth Partners is continuously looking into new products and services to help take care of your patients and your practice.
  • We study the quality, results, research partners, negotiate terms and make them available to our members so they can stay up to date on what’s new and next in veterinary products, services and treatments. Two recent additions to our offerings include pet insurance and stem-cell therapy for severe osteoarthritis.
  • We also provide valuable insights into a wide range of topics that are relevant to your practice, such as communication, HR, leadership, finance and strategic planning.


Help your patients get the care they need by removing barriers for the humans who love them.

  • Our pets are our family. That’s why it’s so important to help your patients’ families afford the care they need to keep their pets healthy.
  • With a variety of financial service partners to choose from, your practice can offer payment solutions including pet insurance, care credit cards, loyalty program discounts and other customizable payment options for veterinary care.
  • We also have partners in the financial field that focus on lending to veterinary hospitals, so you can access the capital you need to expand or improve your practice from lenders who understand the industry.
  • VGP offers a complete Financial Analysis.

VGP Member Testimonial

Working with VGP as a new startup practice has been amazing and an absolute necessity. Their workshops are so crucial in helping us set our practice up for success, our practice coach has been an AMAZING supportive cheerleader & helps us to work through our frustrations & hospital processes regularly. The financial and inventory analyses that VGP provides annually have been eye-opening and
really helped us to focus on benchmarks and streamline our operations. We also get discounts from their preferred vendors, which has been so helpful in keeping our costs lowered on inventory, merchant services, and other services like online reputation management. I honestly don’t think we’d have been nearly as successful in our first two (almost three!) years of being open if we hadn’t been VGP members, which we joined even before we opened our doors on a recommendation from our MWI representative.

Best decision we’ve made, we highly recommend joining VGP!

Dr. Kristen Negvesky, Tustin Legacy Animal Hospital