Continuing Education

Continuing Education
Continuing Education

Pathway Planning seminars

Pathway Planning is a step-by-step system for diagnosing and assessing the health of your practice and then creating a “treatment plan.” Pathway Planning seminars, sponsored by Veterinary Growth Partners partners, teach you—in an engaging way—the specific skills you need to put the plan into effect and achieve your goals for years to come.

Over the course of a weekend, you'll learn to:

  • Create a concise, actionable plan utilizing your practice's mission, vision and values
  • Set one-year, three-year and five-year goals
  • Break down goals into manageable, achievable steps
  • Create a viable marketing strategy
  • Develop and maintain a 90-day accountability cycle for your team
  • Run meetings effectively
  • Hire the right people for the right job and let go of those who don't fit
  • Track only the most meaningful metrics
  • Systematically identify and solve your practice's problems

The facilitator and instructor for the seminars is Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, Veterinary Growth Partners' Pathway Planning Coach. A world-renowned speaker and expert in the veterinary field, Shawn uses his combined professional experience in business management and psychotherapy to help you take an honest look at your practice and uncover blind spots in your leadership and business management skills.

Veterinary Growth Partners members do not pay to attend the sessions and are even encouraged to include additional members of their staff.


Pathway to Success online courses

Veterinary Growth Partners will continue to introduce Pathway to Success online training courses to our members as new topics and issues arise. The following courses are currently available.

Change Management: Mastering the Process and Skills
Conquering Conflict: From Combat to Collaboration
Communicating with Confidence
Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
The Art of Negotiation
Leave a Legacy: Leadership in the New World

Strategic Planning
Purpose, Vision, Values, and Mission: The Foundation
Strategic Planning: The Road Map to Success
Practice Valuation and Exit Strategies
Adding a Specialty: Is It Time?

Financial Management
Finances: The Big Picture
Managing Profit: The Practice as a Long-Term Investment
Financial Operations

From Phone to Funds: Converting Potential Clients to Paying Customers
Veterinary Marketing Fundamentals: An Evidence-Based Approach
Reminders: The Key to Client Engagement
Managing Your Online Reputation: Social Media, Review Sites, and More
Websites that WOW
Awareness Campaigns: Building on Your Standard of Care
First Impressions: Image Management for the Veterinary Team
Designing Your Brand

Managing Your Inventory
The Perfect Appointment

Human Resources
People Planner: How to Build the Right Team
Employee Growth and Development
Coaching to Strengths
Teamwork Fundamentals
Essential Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People
Hiring Winners
Employee Phase Training System Patient Care
7 Qualities of a Great Veterinarian
Pet Health Insurance: Putting Care First
Patient Care: Creating Protocols, Procedures, and Standards

Customer Service
From Phone to Funds: Converting Potential Clients to Paying Customers
Client Surveys: Getting the Feedback You Need
How to Provide Excellent Customer Service
Feeling Good about Fees