Veterinary Growth Partners Announces Scholarship Offering of IGNITE’s Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence Program

Veterinary Growth Partners (VGP), a leading veterinary management services organization, is thrilled to announce they are offering Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) scholarships to qualified member practices with the objective of further developing and advancing their members veterinary client care teams.

VRCE scholarships, offered by VGP, expand client care team development improving skills and transforming the client experience. VRCE, created by IGNITE is a, market-leading, comprehensive, 32 course certificate program dedicated to developing veterinary client care teams to provide exceptional client service while contributing to the growth, health, and well-being of the team member.

“The VGP VRCE initiative is a testament to VGP’s commitment to elevating the standards of the veterinary industry and empowering and retaining its workforce,” says Aaron Pugh, VGP Chief Operations Officer. "VRCE aligns with VGP's mission to drive the growth and success of our veterinary practices" added Pugh. "By sponsoring these scholarships, we aim to support these dedicated client care professionals in their career journey and contribute to the overall enhancement of the veterinary profession. It's a substantial investment in our industry's future."

"The strength and promise of the veterinary industry rests on the foundation of an educated and passionate veterinary workforce," said Mark Shaw, CEO of IGNITE Veterinary Solutions. "The results from VRCE have measurably demonstrated that this program is enabling an even higher level of professionalism and knowledge across the client care team, significantly elevating the client experience, and further supporting the high standard of veterinary care so important to veterinary teams across the nation. Our commitment to foster partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders and partners enables us to innovate and pioneer a rich range of offerings that advance the profession."

VGP is proud to unite with industry partners, like IGNITE, to give back to its members. This offering is a significant step forward in advancing the sector and promoting the sustainable development of veterinary practices nationwide.

For more information about a VGP Membership or the Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) scholarship program please contact the VGP Member Relations team at 1-800-577-0120 . You can also learn more about the VRCE program by visiting or emailing

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