Pathway Planning
Virtual experience via Zoom
February 25-26, 2023

A Road Map to Success

Presented by

VGP's Shawn McVey

and Rachel Teichberg

Pathway Planning is a system for diagnosing and assessing your hospital’s business health. A finished Pathway Plan is analogous to a treatment plan for your hospital. Like medicine, treatment plans are only useful if they are followed.

This 10-hour RACE approved workshop is exclusively for Veterinary Growth Partner members. Registration is complimentary for VGP Standard and VGP Elite members- a value of $1,295 per attendee.

Event Details

Virtual experience via Zoom
February 25-26, 2023
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Saturday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST
On Saturday, you will get an introduction to the different elements of the Pathway Planner and how every piece works together. The rest of the day will be devoted to examining your organization’s goals and needs. You’ll focus on how to effectively plan months and years into the future. We’ll cover the Pathway Planning fundamentals for your practice by identifying who you are, what your marketing strategy is, and where you’re going.

Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST
On Sunday, we’ll cover additional components to Pathway Planning that will ensure your success. First we will explore your marketing strategy to identify your target market, uniques and promise statement. accountability and help you create clarity around who owns the major functions of the practice. In order to reach your vision, you’ll need a team made up of the right people: Those that live your values and are passionate about your purpose. To identify if we have the right people on the team, we’ll introduce you to driving tests. We’ll then review proven process and why creating 3-5 step systems will be the key to training and team accountability. In order to ensure you stay on track for your goals, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of dashboard and tracking important metrics which will be an integral part of your new meeting schedule and strategy.

What You'll Learn

Over the course of a weekend, you’ll learn to:
  • Rely on the knowledge that you have power and vision as a leader—traits you can harness to set your organization on the right track
  • Establish the fundamentals of your strategic plan: Who we are, who are our clients, and where are we going
  • Recreate your strategic plan and make it a concise, actionable document
  • Develop and maintain a 90-day accountability cycle
  • Build and strengthen your marketing strategy
  • Take control of and run meetings effectively
  • Hire the right people for the right job and let go of those who don't fit
  • Systematically identify and repair problems
  • Track only your most important metrics
  • Become an excellent problem solver
  • Use your data to develop short-, medium-, and long-term solutions
You’ll take part in planning and skill-building activities that allow you to reflect on your own and in a group. Once your time with us is over, you will have what you need to set your future goals and transform your culture into one of accountability and enthusiastic support of your vision.

Program Details:

This 10-hour RACE approved program is now available to you virtually!

By the end of the weekend, you will have a whole new set of tools at your disposal—and the skills to use them—so that you can plan and achieve your goals for years to come. In a supportive and reflective environment, you will overcome issues that derail success.