Pathway Planning: The Journey Starts Here e-Course


Pathway Planning: The Journey Starts Here

This course will guide you through the design and implementation of your own Pathway Plan (aka strategic plan). The online course is made up of short videos explaining each section of your plan along with printable documents for you to brainstorm and begin building your plan.

As a self-paced program, please take all the time you need to create each component of your plan. If you have an established leadership team, it would be ideal to work on all of the components together as a group. Though we highly recommend working with a VGP Practice Coach as you build your plan, it is not required.

Each learner should have an individual account created. Learners will receive 6 hours of RACE-approved CE credits upon completion.

This program is recommended for practice leadership teams.

After finishing this course, you will:

  • Have an initial draft of your Pathway Plan
  • Gain a strong understanding of each component that makes up your Pathway Plan
  • Understand the importance of defining who you are as a practice, where you're going in the future, and a marketing strategy to get you there
  • Enjoy the confidence and excitement that comes with a strategic plan and creating a roadmap toward success

Topics include:

  • Identifying who you are: Core values, purpose statement, and niche
  • Determining where you're going: Creating your 1, 3, and 5-year plan
  • Outlining how you'll get there with a marketing strategy: Target market, unique, and a promise statement