Virtual Pathway Planning: Fast-Track

Virtual Pathway Planning: Fast-Track

One day will impact how you manage your practice!

VGP's Virtual Pathway Planning - The Fast Track!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2024 · 11am - 5pm EST

Pathway Planning is a system for diagnosing and assessing your hospital’s business health.

A finished Pathway Plan is analogous to a treatment plan for your hospital and like medicine, treatment plans are only useful if they are followed.

What we have discovered is that most hospitals are great at diagnosing their problems but lousy at ongoing assessment and following a plan to fix what ails them. Pathway Planning addresses this shortcoming. It makes your mission, vision, and values an interactive part of everyday planning and action.

Program Details

This virtual workshop is RACE approved for 5.5 hours and will be presented through Zoom. By the end of the day, you will have created the foundation of your Pathway Plan that you can then continue to build upon with your Practice Coach.

VGP's Pathway Planning workshop is available at no charge exclusively to our VGP and VGP Elite members. We look forward to hosting you at this virtual event!

The focus of this workshop is to begin designing the core components of your Pathway Plan:

  • Who you are (core values, purpose, niche)
  • Where you’re going (1, 3, and 5-year plan)
  • Your marketing strategy (target market, uniques, promise)
  • Your dashboard

Course Expectations

In order to earn your CE Certificate, you will need to be present for the entire workshop. You will also need to have access to Zoom.


This is an exclusive event for Veterinary Growth Partners members. Registration is entirely complimentary — a value of $500 per attendee! You can register as many leaders from your organization as you’d like as the workshop is geared towards owners, administrators, managers and team leads. Please register each member of your team individually with their personal email address.

All workshop materials will be delivered via email the day prior to the event.

We have a very limited number of seats available, so be sure to register early.

Cancellation and Substitutions
We will charge a $100 per attendee cancellation fee for a cancellation received less than 2 days prior to the workshop. Substitutions can also be made prior to the workshop. The final day to cancel or substitute an attendee is December 11th.

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