Agility Leadership

Agility Leadership

Run with the pack: Group Mentorship & Learning

Guided Group Mentorship & Learning

Looking to enhance your leadership skills in the field of veterinary medicine? Look no further than our Agility Leadership program! This 6-week educational experience is not only informative but also fun to participate in. Our guided group mentorship Packs will lead you on an exciting adventure through various courses that cover key topics such as Communication, Delegation, and Balance. Get ready to learn and create new meaningful connections at the same time!

What our Pack members are saying...

"Agility Leadership was a great opportunity to connect with other leaders in similar situations. I gained invaluable insights on ways I can navigate challenges and continuously improve my leadership skills."
Shari Johnson, H&H Veterinary Care
  "Jodi and Leather are amazing coaches with great insights and provide actionable direction and suggestions that align with our goals on our path to providing better leadership to our teams."
Lauren McDevitt, Cypress Fairhaven Animal Hospital

How it Works

Packs are a great opportunity for VGP members to come together and engage in weekly discussions about various leadership topics. These small groups meet for six weeks, with each session lasting 90 minutes. A Pack Leader expertly guides the discussions and encourages open communication among the group. In addition to these meetings, Packs also have access to a vibrant online community where they can continue the conversation, share valuable resources, and recieve homework assignments. This is a great chance for VGP members to work together and grow as leaders.

Our Agility Packs

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