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Zoetis is our partner for pharmaceuticals. As a member, you receive:

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ANTECH Diagnostics® (Antech) is the largest reference lab in the industry, serving all 50 states and Canada and with over 14,500 customers. Its exclusive partnership with VGP allows its members enhanced reference lab savings that in some cases, can reach up to 50%!

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MWI Animal Health has 12 warehouses across the United States, providing next-day service to 98% of the country.

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Veterinarian Jean Cathary founded Royal Canin in France in 1968. Dr. Cathary had the vision of a pet food company grounded in science; a company based on the principles of acquiring knowledge about pets, and creating advanced cat food and dog food made to satisfy the needs of the pet.

Research Royal Canin works in conjunction with Waltham® research centers to formulate diets and have released over 1500 peer reviewed publications together.

Testing Stringent testing and quality control of raw materials and finished products, produced exclusively in company-owned plants, allow Royal Canin to continually provide precise nutritional solutions for pets across a host of medical conditions.

Specialized Diets on Different Breeds In addition to the Veterinary Exclusive line of diets, Royal Canin also produces a full line of healthy pet diets including size health nutrition and formulas designed to meet the individual needs of many popular breeds, sizes, lifestyles and therapeutic conditions.

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Vetsource provides innovative pharmacy, technology and business services to thousands of veterinary practices across the country. Our human-grade institutional pharmacy offers products sourced directly from the manufacturers and shipped to clients’ front doors. Vetsource’s Home Delivery services, including AutoShip and RemindMeSM, help improve compliance, enhance client relationships and increase revenue.

Advantages of Home Delivery:

  • Increased compliance — Programs like AutoShip and RemindMeSM, Vetsource’s monthly single-dose parasiticide program help ensure that patients get their scheduled doses
  • Enhanced client relationships — ScriptShareSM gives you the power to proactively recommend therapies via unique emails that let clients know their pets are top of mind with your practice
  • Recaptured revenue — Full control over the products offered on your eCommerce site, including pricing, recovers profits lost to predatory online pharmacies
  • Expanded profitability — Vetsource becomes a virtual extension of your practice’s inventory without the high cost of keeping each product on hand
  • Maximized efficiency — With our mobile-friendly ScriptRight® ePrescribing tool, your team will spend less time handling prescriptions and more time with clients and patients
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At Ardent we feel that pets and all animals should have access to advanced care. Since 2016, this core belief has allowed us to develop affordable, innovative treatments for canine cancer and joint disease assisting our veterinarian partners to make a positive impact on pet health.

Our company is made up of people who are pet owners and who believe ardently it is our responsibility to make a positive impact on the human-animal bond. We partner with veterinarians to understand the needs of their patient’s and families they serve. This allows us to adapt to the changing needs of pets, their families, and our innovative veterinarian customers.

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Brava is a notional network of veterinary-exclusive compounding pharmacies focused on exceptional customer experience, best-in-class technology, and the highest levels of quality and regulatory compliance. Our PCAB accreditation underscores our commitment to providing only the safest and highest quality compounded medications for pets. Our focus is not only on producing high-quality custom compounds but continuing to help veterinarians navigate increasing regulatory complexities. From the administration of care to a world-class client experience, our goal is to serve you and your clients with the highest standards.

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Datamars/PetLink is our partner for microchips. The company offers the latest in microchip technology and is the global leader in electronic ID for companion animals.

View PetLink RFID Video is one of the largest and most reliable pet registries in the U.S. protecting millions of pets. PetLink is also the only U.S. registry which has international reunification protection.

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dvm360® is committed to providing veterinary professionals like you with access to top-tier content and education needed in order to advance and enrich your life, career, and the care you provide for our animal companions.

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Medi-Productions, Inc. is an international company focused on improving pet healthcare by enhancing client education to increase compliance. Medi-Productions offers a suite of products that help veterinarians and their staff engage with clients from the moment they enter the hospital waiting room, during their consultation, and even after they have left the practice. Medi-Productions' content library has over 1400 items and has been reviewed by a board of veterinarians before approval for use in the products.

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Petriage is a total telehealth solution for any practice on any budget. Petriage was created by a veterinarian to simply help provide the highest quality care for their patients, while driving business back to the brick and mortar.

Our vet-validated AI-driven teletriage tool, paired with our telemedicine eConsults, enables you to grow your business, deepen client relationships, and improve patient outcomes. Petriage integrates with some of the leading practice management softwares such as AVIMark, Cornerstone, ImproMed, and eVetPractice. Veterinarians can meet their clients’ expectations, communications and remote pet care needs with the total telehealth solution of Petriage.

With Petriage you can grow your practice today and into the future. When you become a Petriage Partner, you can offer excellent service to your clients with a personalized and customizable telehealth solution – truly becoming a brick-and-click practice for today’s on-demand economy.

Petriage is a complete telehealth solution that enables VGP Members to offer virtual services to their clients outside of the brick-and-mortar clinic.

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Securos Surgical is our partner in the surgical instrumentation and orthopedic industry. The SECUROS line of surgical instrumentation and orthopedic implants are recognized worldwide for our innovative designs, excellent quality, reliability and craftsmanship.

Securos Surgical provides the following support:

  • Orthopedic Sales Specialists available for In-Clinic consultations and demonstrations.
  • Technical Product Specialists at or 1-877-266-3349 Opt #2
  • Dedicated Surgical Procedure Question & Radiographic review through
  • Free Sharpening, Maintenance and repairs of all Securos branded instruments through our repair center. Free
  • Inbound shipping available.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Securos branded instruments for quality and workmanship.
  • Continuing Education program available through Securos University for wet labs and lectures
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Sound provides high-quality ultrasound and digital radiography equipment. The company produces the most widely accepted and widely used digital radiography and picture archive and communication system (PACS) in the veterinary industry. The company’s mission is to simplify and advance veterinary medicine. Read testimonials from Sound customers here.

Did you know that the company has been the exclusive veterinary partner of GE Ultrasound for more than 15 years? And their Academy of Veterinary Imaging offers more than 60 ultrasound courses for veterinarians and technicians with any level of experience.

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Terumo Medical Products has a 91-year history of manufacturing hypodermics, catheters, and other medical equipment for humans and animals. Terumo is focused on safety and comfort for patients, as well as improving efficiency and effectiveness in your daily routines.

The company prides itself on the quality of its products. Terumo’s superior-quality needles are proven to be sharper and more comfortable for your patients. The double-bevel design is precision-ground and honed according to exacting standards. This attention to detail enables Terumo needles to penetrate skin with less force, which means greater comfort for patients and less stress for pet owners. Sharps are indeed sharp: “It’s in. It’s out. It’s over.”

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VetBiotek’s goal is to bring the most advanced and proprietary ingredients to the veterinary marketplace, and assist veterinarians in their management of dermatological and liver conditions, along with joint support. The VetBiotek management team has over 200 years of cumulative experience in the veterinary industry with a focus on dermatology products and nutritional supplements.

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VetOne is our MWI internal brand offering a complete line of veterinary supplies. The VetOne brand offers clinic supplies, retail products, equipment, and high volume-high profile FDA approved pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of veterinary clinics and their customers. Every product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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VitalRads is a world-class team of veterinary imaging experts headquartered in Cypress, Texas.

The VitalRads team is comprised of board-certified veterinary specialists and other skilled professionals with vast experience in veterinary diagnostic imaging, teleradiology, telemedicine, PACS, and DICOM.

VitalRads board-certified veterinary specialists review and interpret animal imaging cases from around the world, every day, from all modalities.

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Zoetis Diagnostics offers diagnostic tools and machines such as the Vetscan VS2 Chemistry Analyzer, Vetscan HM5 Hematology Analyzer, Vetscan VSpro for coagulation testing, and the hand-held Vetscan i-STAT 1 for blood-chemistry testing. Their consumable products include VetScan Rapid Tests, chemistry profiles, hematology reagents, VSpro Cartridges, and i-STAT cartridges.

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Financial Services

Alera Group is an independent, national insurance and financial services firm created through the merger of like-minded, high-performing, entrepreneurial firms across the United States.

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Our team of industry experts fully understands the nuances of your specific business model, and we want to invest in you because we know you’re ready to make an impact. Beyond the traditional banking experience, we strive to be an asset to each one of our customers by turning obstacles into opportunities.

Let our team confidently guide you through the lending process and craft a unique plan that will help you and your business thrive. To learn more visit

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Redstone Payment Solutions is our partner for simple and straightforward credit card processing and check services.

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Scratchpay is a rapidly growing financial technology company that provides simple, friendly, and affordable financing options for veterinary care.

Driven by their dedication to pets, Scratchpay provides thousands of practices around the U.S. and Canada with higher approval rates, a risk free application process, and transparent terms for their clients.

For partners, signing up for and offering Scratchpay requires no hardware, has no ongoing fees, and takes only minutes. Clients can apply for loans in just 90 seconds straight from their mobile device, and see which payment plans they are approved for almost instantly.

With Scratchpay’s fast and easy medical financing, you will be able to say yes to more clients than ever before.

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Building an insured base of pets means better care for your patients, and higher profits. How? The numbers show that owners of insured pets come in more often and spend more money.

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Veterinary Credit Plans, a wellness-focused financial industry leader, offers a comprehensive financial service platform. Veterinary Credit Plans Wellness Packages provide flexibility, allowing each practice to customize plan terms and down payment options; and makes it easy for accounting by automating billing, payment, and management Provide pet owners with what they are asking for – affordable monthly payments and the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they are providing their pet with optimal preventive care.

Customizable Wellness Packages for:

• Dogs and cats for each lifestage
• Secondary plans for diabetes, acupuncture, and more
• Dental care plans
• Grooming and boarding options
• Employee plans

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Administrative & Operational Services

Call Box provides both a flexible phone system and software application that tracks, records and reviews 100% of inbound and outbound phone calls. Based on the content of your practice’s phone calls, we provide in-depth reporting, customized alerts and consulting expertise. This allows us to help your team pinpoint where revenue is slipping through the cracks in order to increase the number of booked appointments, optimize marketing spend and hold staff accountable to phone performance.

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Reduce Team Burnout, Improve Resilence, and Manage Stress with Coa.
Take care of your employees and help them become the best versions of themselves.

Coa is the #1 online gym for mental health, offering online emotional fitness classes and on-demand content, led by therapists. Coa is dedicated to helping individuals be proactive about their mental health. Coa’s live & on-demand classes cover topics like burnout, anxiety, leadership, workplace wellness, confidence, and more. Coa is loved by companies like NBC, Skillshare, Salesforce, and more who are offering Coa as an employee benefit to help their employees maintain and build mental well-being.

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IGNITE is THE place for one-of-a-kind learning, job role resources, and sharing of best practices for your entire veterinary team. IGNITE members interact with their peers and our well-known experts.

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Kontak provides a suite of unified communication and productivity solutions for veterinarians to achieve lifelong client relationships and staff satisfaction.

CloudRetriever - A "built for vet industry" VoIP telephony platform, with customized routing and ring waterfalls, which integrates with practice management software to:

  • Intuitively guide staff to collect customer info, request appts, collect outstanding balances etc.
  • Show CSRs the caller and their account data before the phone rings
  • Eliminate time searching records
  • Reduce missed calls from 30% to under 2%
  • Eliminate dropped calls and improve call quality with our AI patented “simulcast” system
  • Identify the advertisement and channel that attracted the customer, including calls and marketing campaigns, utilizing Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
  • Calculate a true ROI on marketing dollars spent for each channel and campaign
  • Provide 2-way voice, SMS/MMS and fax from any hospital number
  • Give your pet parents the best client communication experience possible

Kontak LiveChat - The only “hosted” live chat service in the veterinary industry, our North American based live chat agents work 24/7 as an extension of your CSR team to:

  • Compassionately handle inbound website & SMS communications in “real time”
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls from your website/social media into your hospital
  • Save CSR time on a wide range of inquiries
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Significantly improve your client’s experience (99+% positive ratings)
  • Accelerate new client conversions

Appointment Direct™ - An online scheduling tool integrated with property management software that:

  • Enables pet parents to directly book appointments into your PIMS calendars in “real time”
  • Eliminates staff time and effort spent on processing client forms and appointment requests
  • Sends automated confirmations/reminders
  • Automatically creates patient records
  • Collects payments

Research indicates that Appointment Direct™, when combined with our 24/7 LiveChat service, is a perfect mix of technology and service that reduces time spent on appointment-related phone calls and admin tasks by 60%.

As a VGP member, you receive a 10% discount off all Kontak products and services.

Contact: Schedule a demo, send us an email or call us at 888-419-3222!

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Services we provide:

  • IT Support
  • Phone Solutions with Practice Management Integration
  • Security Cameras
  • Security/Fire Systems
  • Wifi Solutions
  • Back Ups
  • Server/Workstation Equipment & Installation
  • Cabling
  • Access Control
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As an AAHA Preferred Provider and the industry's definitive analytics experts, VetSuccess makes sense of veterinary data and turns it into actionable information, metrics, and benchmarks.

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LifeLearn Animal Health empowers veterinary clinics to optimize client communications, maximize efficiency and improve profitability using the LifeLearn ECOsystem, a comprehensive suite of customizable online solutions that advance animal health and education worldwide.

WebDVM | Custom Veterinary Websites

LifeLearn's team helps veterinary practices boost their online presence and attract more clients by creating custom-designed websites using the WebDVM development platform. Tailored to reflect a hospital's personality and designed for easy implementation and minimal interruptions, WebDVM is the simple stress-free way for practices to engage more pet owners and improve their financial health with an innovative range of features that include:

  • SEO optimization with important local search phrases to maximize reach and improve Google rankings with minimal effort
  • Complete access to ClientEd, LifeLearn's trusted client education resource with over 2,000 client facing articles written by veterinarians
  • Pet Health Checker, a client triage tool to help pet owners understand the severity of their pet's symptoms and the urgency of visiting animal health clinics
  • WebDVM Social for managing, scheduling and tracking social posts
  • Built-in blogging functionality with pre-written weekly news and updates
  • Fully responsive designs for desktop computers and mobile devices
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PawsTime is more than an on-hold messaging and social media content management company- we are a reputation builder. Now more than ever pet owners are spending time on-hold and scrolling social media. After you receptionist your hold time is the first impression clients get about your practice. From extending you recommendations for improving the lives of pets to minimizing the burden on your front desk by ensuring that clients are aware of all the ways that they can communicate with you: online appointments, refill requests, mobile apps, online pharmacy, texting, etc. On hold messaging is the hidden gem of client communication.

While the telephone remains the number one way clients communicate with your hospital we know the power of social media and we’re here to help! Build engagement and get more clicks with our fully designed ready to share infographics, buzzworthy posts, and tips from our social media experts to optimize your social media presence.

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Social Ordeals Social Ordeals is a full service digital agency that helps local businesses succeed online. From monitoring and managing your online listings, reviews, SEO, and social marketing, to building and managing campaigns for any avenue of digital advertising (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Targeted Display, etc). Ultimately we help veterinarians and animal hospitals with any of their digital needs and websites.

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Veteos is a video production company that works with veterinary practices to create engaging videos used for marketing, client education, compliance, and staff recruitment. Their products and services include:

Each of Veteos’ team members specialize in veterinary video production and is Fear Free certified. Veteos has received eighteen NAVC Vetty marketing awards, including a “Judges Choice” award in 2018 and “Best in Show-Nonprofit" in 2019 and 2020. We chose this company because it operates nationally, offers transparent pricing, and quickly produces high-end videos.

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Vet2Pet is the only customizable, all-in-one client engagement platform for veterinarians. Communicate more effectively and efficiently with pet owners, and connect on a whole new level. Proven to increase compliance and practice revenue, the Vet2Pet platform includes a custom-branded practice app with your practice name, logo, and brand colors, as well as an easy-to-use, cloud-based practice dashboard that you can access on desktop or mobile, to customize the many available features.

Vet2Pet’s features help you deliver the client experience you want. The all-in-one platform has all you need to care for your patients anytime, anywhere:

  • Exchange updates, photos, and videos with clients through two-way texting.
  • Send reminders and appointment confirmation through app notification, email, and SMS.
  • Safely and conveniently collect contactless payment.
  • Reward your best clients with our built-in, customizable loyalty program.
  • Keep your clients up to date through e-mail mass messaging and postcard reminders.
  • Provide post-visit survey to your clients.
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