Terumo Medical Products

Terumo Medical Products

Terumo Medical Products has an over 100-year history manufacturing hypodermics, catheters, and other medical equipment for humans and animals. Terumo is focused on safety and comfort for patients, as well as improving efficiency and effectiveness in the daily routines of animal healthcare professionals.

Terumo offers a GOOD/BETTER/SAFEST hypodermic portfolio to fit all clinician needs. GOOD: Engauge hypodermic needles; an economical solution. BETTER: the widely recognized Sur-Vet brand, Sur-Vet hypodermic needles and Sur-Vet combos. SAFEST: Engauge Safety hypodermic needles and Engauge Safety combos, providing Veterinary nurses and Veterinarians maximum protection against needlestick injuries. Terumo is also the manufacturer of Sur-Vet Surflo catheters, the longstanding #1 and most widely consumed peripheral catheter in animal health.

Terumo prides itself on the quality of its products. Terumo’s superior-quality needles are proven to be sharper and more comfortable for animal patients. The double-bevel design is precision-ground and honed according to exacting standards. This uncompromising detail enables Terumo needles to penetrate skin with less force, which means greater comfort for patients and less stress for pet parents. Sharps are indeed sharp: “It’s in. It’s out. It’s over.”

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