These Days, the Only Constant is Change.
These Days, the Only Constant is Change.

With the size of today’s veterinary services marketplace — nearly $60 billion — it’s no surprise that it’s getting more attention from more product manufacturers, more investors, and more human health providers. One of the results is a rash of innovations that affect not only your therapeutic offerings, but how your practice operates, serves clients and makes business decisions.

By helping to transform the changes into opportunities for intelligent and profitable growth, Veterinary Growth Partners is dramatically altering the paradigm for veterinary small business owners.

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Your financial performance, while of major importance, is just one aspect. How’s your performance with clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders? How are your patient outcomes? How satisfied are you with your own role and career? Veterinary Growth Partners’s practice accelerator program includes a proven practice management system, marketing and client communication tools, education resources, staff training, consulting services, and group purchasing for discounts that increase profit and decrease expenses. All of which results in performance improvements in virtually every aspect of your practice.
VGP has been designed as a "community", to support all stakeholders. Our membership, our partners and the VGP team form a triangle where each works together and benefits from the efforts all constituents. Our collective goal: enabling independent veterinary practices to deliver the best possible care in a way that’s both cost effective and profitable. VGP has initiated and institutionalized several initiatives meant to allow us to share ideas, analyze problems and brainstorm solutions, together.
Thanks to what was once known as the digital revolution, veterinary practices now have access to powerful information—information that can improve strategic decision making, monitor the performance of the practice, identify desirable clients, provide relevant training, minimize or eliminate inefficient procedures, and more. VGP has been on the forefront of seeking out partners that have leveraged technology in order to provide our members with data, tools and programs never before available to the veterinary field.