Kontak provides a suite of unified communication and productivity solutions for veterinarians to achieve lifelong client relationships and staff satisfaction.

CloudRetriever - A "built for vet industry" VoIP telephony platform, with customized routing and ring waterfalls, which integrates with practice management software to:

  • Intuitively guide staff to collect customer info, request appts, collect outstanding balances etc.
  • Show CSRs the caller and their account data before the phone rings
  • Eliminate time searching records
  • Reduce missed calls from 30% to under 2%
  • Eliminate dropped calls and improve call quality with our AI patented “simulcast” system
  • Identify the advertisement and channel that attracted the customer, including calls and marketing campaigns, utilizing Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
  • Calculate a true ROI on marketing dollars spent for each channel and campaign
  • Provide 2-way voice, SMS/MMS and fax from any hospital number
  • Give your pet parents the best client communication experience possible

Kontak LiveChat - The only “hosted” live chat service in the veterinary industry, our North American based live chat agents work 24/7 as an extension of your CSR team to:

  • Compassionately handle inbound website & SMS communications in “real time”
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls from your website/social media into your hospital
  • Save CSR time on a wide range of inquiries
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Significantly improve your client’s experience (99+% positive ratings)
  • Accelerate new client conversions

Appointment Direct™ - An online scheduling tool integrated with property management software that:

  • Enables pet parents to directly book appointments into your PIMS calendars in “real time”
  • Eliminates staff time and effort spent on processing client forms and appointment requests
  • Sends automated confirmations/reminders
  • Automatically creates patient records
  • Collects payments

Research indicates that Appointment Direct™, when combined with our 24/7 LiveChat service, is a perfect mix of technology and service that reduces time spent on appointment-related phone calls and admin tasks by 60%.

As a VGP member, you receive a 10% discount off all Kontak products and services.

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